Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week in Pictures

Hellooo shimmers,
Recently I have gone picture mad. It's always when it comes to exam revision time that I seem to be an active social media gal! least 3 pictures a day, Twitter yip I tweet and I retweet, Facebook...don't lie we all aimlessly stalk our friends and those we wish were or were not our friends!! 
So here are a small (compared to the number actually taken) selection of pictures from my week!

Laura x

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!!

He has been more than just a dad over the years, my rock, my friend and my personal proof-reader and I love him to the moon and back millions of times!!
Love Laura x
From dads bday last year <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just Look Around

Hellooo shimmers,
Our lives are so busy that we miss the little beauties and moments that should be captured.

I have lived in the same village all my life and still to this day I find new beauties and little places that I love seeing and just sitting looking around.

I feel we spend a lot of time looking at phones and our feet, that we miss out on things, its good to look around you every once in a while.

I  am making an effort to visit and discover new places at least 3 times a week, whether that is going somewhere completely new or taking a road i've never taken before. Its amazing what you'll find that you never realised was there.

Even seeing places in different weathers you see a different side and view to them, thats pretty awesome. At the moment it is so lovely and sunny that the colours around us are just gorgeous, please enjoy some of the pictures I took on my travels yesterday...

Laura x

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Gave Up Sugar...

Hellooo shimmers,

For lent I gave up sugar, no cakes, no sweets, no chocolate, no sugar! (except in fruit, thats natural sugar!).
But it wasn't just for lent. There is a charity that is for students, they are run by campus ministers, the one in Edinburgh is run by the most amazing six people ever! There are groups in multiple countries all over the world and this term we were raising money to send to the one in Mexico. The group in Mexico were raising money to build ten houses in a local village in Mexico. So all the money I would have spent on sugar and also some people sponsored me, I donated to the fund.

It was definitely a challenge cutting it out, the first week was the hardest and when others had baked and I had to decline it that was difficult, but I soon got used to it and those around me also knew that I was doing it and so would stop offering it to me! (also a few would bring alternatives, for example an apple made into a sweet!) This also made me appreciate my friends so much cause they understood what I was doing and supported me so much and I love them for that.

Easter Sunday came I ate sugar to my little hearts content! However, I actually did not miss the sugar. I loved the challenge but then it just became second nature not to eat it and I definitely felt the benefits. I definitely won't cut it out altogether but I am definitely cutting it down. Also I love baking too much for me to cut it out completely, although I could bake and others could eat!!

(Baked last night...ooh how I missed you cupcakes!)

Laura x
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