Friday, September 12, 2014

#backwithabloggingbang || Summer Favourites

Hellooo shimmers,
 Here are my Favourite makeup bits and bobs from this summer;
Rimmel London; Kate Moss Volume Mascara

KIKO; Sunkissed Blusher

Urban Decay; NAKED 2 Palette

Rimmel London; Lasting Colour Rush

Maybelline New York; Baby Lips

Nails Inc. London; "Royal Botanic Gardens"

These have been my favourites I would love to know what you've been loving so I can add them to my ever growing wishlist!!
Laura x

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#backwithabloggingbang || Your Questions Answered

Hellooo shimmers,
You asked on twitter, instagram, Email and so now I am answering!

Why did you need to take such a large break from blogging? (From Amelia, UK)
It wasn't just blogging, I just needed time to relax and catchup with everyone after a busy few months with exams and University stuff. It just made me feel refreshed and ready to go with the new year.

What are your top tips for starting University? (from DaisyRosette)
1.My first tip would be to be yourself, don't try to be someone you're not.
2.Stay organised
3.Get involved in societies, clubs, sports teams
4.Don't drink too much!
5.Go to ALL your classes

My friend found freshers week absolutely terrifying, did you? (From HollyBeAStar)
Its very daunting to begin with, however, you have to remember that whatever you are feeling the others around you will be feeling the exact same. Just relax, take it all in and have fun :)

Who are your favourite Youtube couple? (From ZALFIE4EVS) 
Im going to guess you are a #zalfie fan and so am I, they are a cute couple. I do feel for them though with so much attention and invasion but they seem like amazing people. I also love the Saccone-Joly family, also, Tanya & Jim.

If you were to have one wish this year for yourself, imagine there was world peace and no one was in need of help what would be your wish? (From Chloe_Fashionista01)
oh, thats a tricky one. Just to be happy, maybe find a guy, be more confident and get involved in more exciting and new things.

Did you have a good summer? And if you could live in any other country what country would it be?(From Lblogger_RT)
I did thank you, hope you did too, somewhere hot like Spain or Italy, I've loved summer holidays there and think it would be awesome to live there.

What is your biggest fear? (From Gailleroo_boo)
Heights! I hate heights.

You will probably have seen the hate that bloggers and youtubers get what is your view on it? (From Talyor P, Canada) 
People do it because they love it, they love what they post and I think people have to remember that, why hate on those doing what they love, no one is perfect.

I love your blog and so glad you are #backwithabloggingbang !! Do you still love blogging and what makes you love it? (From Sophia, USA)
Aw thank you, that means a lot. I absolutely blogging, I love it because I can be me all the time, I feel so confident when expressing my opinions and interacting with other bloggers and reader. I LOVE IT!

I love answering your question so if you have any don't be afraid to ask! Tweet me @shimmerofpink or use #backwithabloggingbang

Love Laura x

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

#backwithabloggingbang || Review || Nails inc 'Royal Botanical Gardens'

Hellooo shimmers,
Me and my mum decided to treat ourselves to a manicure at the Nails Inc Bar in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh. It was a lovely experience, it wasn't too expensive and you got the nail polish to take home and a glass of bubbly!
I chose this gorgeous blue colour called "Royal Botanical Gardens". I love the shade of blue, it such a gorgeous pastel summer colour.
The nails inc formulas are great, this one was a tad runnier and needs two (plus a top coat) or three coats, but it comes up gorgeous and it lasts really well on your nails, with or without a top coat.
I think this has to be my favourite nail polish colour in my ever growing collection of nail polishes, I absolutely love it!

Monday, September 08, 2014

#backwithabloggingbang || Back To University Haul

Hellooo shimmers,
Last year I stayed in University halls/ Dorms. This year myself and three other girls are renting a flat together, so over the summer I been buying a few bits and bobs, probably as always too much!, but here is what I have bought.
Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson 

Aztec Subject Notebook from Paperchase 

*the inside of the Aztec Notebook*

Weekly planner with cute owls on it! from my Gran! (not sure what shop I think it was a garden centre or something)

* I do love owls!*

 Spoon holder for in the kitchen for putting cooking utensils on when cooking, parent brought it home from Menorca

 Ashley Thomas set of two tins, they are so cute I love them!

Tefal Stirfry Wok, essential for stundent cooking, you can cook a lot in one of these!

 As I said above I love owls and this keyring is super cute, from a little vintage shop called Lilac Rose in Cambridge

 Purple hole punch, from ASDA

 Busy B Diary, from John Lewis

 Stabilo Highlighters
 Staedtler Pens
 Bic Round Stic Pens
 Multi-coloured Post-it notes
Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector, ASDA
 Anti-Allergy Duvet, ASDA
 Scrapbook, from Paperchase

So this is what I have far... no doubt I will have bought even more stuff in a weeks time but we will see!! Hope you liked this haul.
Love Laura x

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