Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday || Shapes and Sizes

Hellooo shimmers,

Size of models, in magazines and celebrities is constantly talked about and how there should be more diversity of shapes and sizes being promoted. I was so pleased when I noticed the introduction of curvy models in the fashion section of the Tv morning show "This Morning". They had curvy models showing different styles that suited different shapes. Its real people who watch the show so in my opinion it is only right that they should do real people fashion, rather than super thin models all the time.

I also read recently the some high street stores had introduction of curvy manikin models in their shops. This is great because it helps to see what different styles suit curvier figures rather than clothes being on flat chested, no hips or bum. However there are people who are thin and so we need to remember to keep a mixture.
I also recently watched an interview with girl pop group who were reuniting and they talked about how they used to wear leggings and a jumper, basically comfy clothes that they had in their wardrobe where as now what they wear is really scrutinised, they have to make so much effort and they said that takes more work than preparing the singing and choreography for the tour!

We shouldn't be basing our looks around the media, they are ruining the youth the positivity. I love being curvy but have only just learnt to accept it? That should be the case we should be able to love our bodies however they look but the indirect pressure the view that everyone should be slim, it's just not possible.

Especially when it is summer and we all want to look great in bikinis, it is important to find style that suit your shapes. Allow clothes to suit you, don't try to fit into clothes that don't suit you, or try to fit into the wrong sized clothes...may sound odd to some but I know people who refused to buy bigger than a 10 even though they were a 12/14.

Be confident in the way you are, I have grown to love my curves even if it took a few years. Also some fake tan definitely helps my confidence during the summer!
Laura x

p.s if there are any topics you would like me to cover just leave it as a comment below x

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day in Pictures || South Queensferry

Hellooo shimmers,
A best friend I made at University last year came to stay for a few days before heading back to America, going to miss her loads. So we took a visit to South Queensferry, it was such a sunny day. We went in the evening and got ice cream and had a wander about.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Haul || Beauty Buys; New Job Pay Day!

Hellooo shimmers,
First pay check came through after starting my new job which meant I could finally go shopping again and oh boy did I shop! here is the beauty section of the haul!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Mascara, so far I'm in love with it and the mascara wand is really cool!

Collection; lasting perfection concealer and Collection Mardi Gras Lip balm, which is really similar to the Baby Lips by Maybelline so decided to give it a try.

From Barry M I picked up; Pink lip liner, blue eye liner, bronze eyeliner. And they had a deal on where if you spent, I think £6 you got a free LE nail polish, which I love the colour of it, a really summer nails colour!

Lastly from Maybelline; brown eyebrow pencil and a Baby lip in Intense care.

I will have review of the items I bought coming soon so stay tuned if you want to know how I got on with them. 

Laura x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Catch Up

Hellooo shimmers,
This weather the IK has been having is awesome! And I have definitely been enjoying it!
I have taken a few weeks off from blogging and other online things and just enjoying the outdoors, stress free summer so far. With first year of university finished and exams passed I decided to give myself a break from everything. I have now found myself a little waitressing job for the summer and can't wait for more summer adventures.
I have got lots of things planned for the blog and for my life this summer (my summer lasts till September- then it will be back to university.) Including a giveaway at the end of summer and lots of fun little posts.
Thanks for sticking with me and enjoy the summer <3
I will end this post with a few pictures;

I thought this was funny so I decided to share it!! (it was on a shop door!)

Laura x
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