Wednesday, December 10, 2014

House Of Fraser Blog

Hellooo shimmers,

I hope you are all well, what a busy few weeks I am having on the run up to Christmas. I have done no Christmas shopping whatsoever, not bought any christmas cards nothing! I am currently in the middle of revising for my University exams which finish December 15th and then I can get into the Christmas spirit! I may need to start my shopping before then but we will see!

And so yes, this blog has been yet again postless for a few weeks.

However, the other week I wrote a little snippet for The House of Fraser blog (UK department Store) about upcycling and home decor. So if you would like to read that you can check it out HERE. There is also a piece by HomeGirl London too, enjoy! I really enjoy have a read through their blog (and so was thrilled to be asked to write a little piece!); loads of tips, styles and ideas. If you are stuck for inspiration when it comes to Christmas gifts, they have something for everyone.

Laura x

p.s this is NOT a sponsored post; I just love it!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday || Forgive and Forget?

Hellooo shimmers,
A little bit of a different topic of post today, I also haven't done a thoughtful thursday post in a while, but this got me thinking and I would love to know your thoughts.

I recently saw a programme on the TV in which they were speaking a mother and sister who had lost their son, brother. The teenage boy had been killed in what was suspected to be racially based. The boy had his family had grown up with his killers and the mother and sisters reaction to these people who had killed their loved had such a big impact when I heard them.
They forgave the people that killed their son/brother. The boys sister said that it took a lot more energy to hate them. They were never going to forget, however, they could forgive. The mother described it as dragging a suitcase filled with all these emotions and the best way to deal with this weight is to off load it.

This example is obviously very extreme and people with have different views towards it. For me personally unless you are in that situation I think it is very hard to know how you would react. I like to think I give people a second chance and give forgiveness.
However I think forgiveness is a process you cant just be like I forgive that person because the next day you would probably not forgive them. It takes time and effort but if you forgive them then you no longer have to carry that problem/situation on your shoulders. However, I'm not sure to what extent I would give forgiveness. The most used sort of example is a partner committing adultery. Forgiveness? That is where the quote below fits well. That you can forgive them and forget what hurt you but remember what it taught you.
It takes a strong person to forgive. It isn't easy to give forgiveness. I always try to think that I would want people to forgive me if I made a mistake; everyone makes mistakes it is how we correct that mistake that matters and how others react to our mistake and if they accept our correction.

Laura x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trip To Wales

Hellooo shimmers,
Last weekend myself and friends took a trip to the welsh countryside and it was gorgeous. We stayed at Cefn Lea in little lodges, we went hillwalking, had a campfire, sat and looked at the stars which was amazing. I have never seen so many stars and so clear. We had a lovely weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my pictures  turned out, if I do say so myself!!
Here are some of the pictures that I took, enjoy!

Laura x

Saturday, November 08, 2014

University || Whats in my Fridge?!

Hellooo shimmers,
With moving into a flat with three other girls and cooking for ourselves, it makes you 1) wish you had a chef and 2) that you had a cleaner! I feel like I eat a lot of pasta and have become a vegetarian. Pasta is one of the easiest meals to make and you can put nearly anything in a pasta. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, but not much meat. I dont always have time to buy/ cook meat and so I just haven't really eaten any. But this is what I have in my fridge and food cupboard.

My Cupboard in the kitchen

On this shelf: Half a baguette || Oranges || Chickpeas || Kidney beans || Dolmio stir in tomato sauce || tinned tomatoes || risotto rice || basmati rice || iron supplements || onion || garlic || stock cubes

On this shelf: Olive oil || Tomato Ketchup (Heinz!) || Fusilli pasta || Poridge oats || Teabags
This shelf: Baking utensils including piping sets.

My shelf in the fridge: Mushrooms || Cathedral Sliced Cheese || flora margarine || Humous || jam || Red Pesto || Yoghurt || soup || pancetta || left over bolognese || Tomato Puree

There we have it. I mainly shop at Tesco, there are a few around me in Edinburgh and also sometimes in Sainsburys and Lidl.
Laura x
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